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Usually, a healthy bird will perch with one leg tucked under when resting; however, when the bird is physically weak, it may need to perch with both feet.
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A&E Cage Java Table Top Play Stand A&E Cage Java Table Top Play Stand
Price: $89.99
A&E Cage Play Stand with Toy Hook A&E Cage Play Stand with Toy Hook, Black
Price: $169.99
Beach Sands Perch
Was: $9.99
Sale: $8.49
On Sale
Bird Life Bird Perch Tree bird perch, bird perch tree, perch tree for birds
Price: $30.99
Bungee Perch bungee perch, bird perch, perch for birds
Price: $34.99
Calcium Perch
Price: $7.99
Comfy Clam Flat Perch Pollys Comfy Clam Flat Perch
Price: $6.99
Comfy Perch
Price: $7.99
Tripod Travel Perch
Price: $69.99
Natural Wood Swing with Rope natural wood swing bird toy, wood swing with rope bird toy, bird toy with rope swing
Price: $15.99
Large Bird
Price: $13.99
Percher caitec percher, bird perch, portable bird perch
Price: $12.99
Pollys Multi-Grip Flip Perch Pollys Multi-Grip Flip Perch, bird perch, adjustable bird perch, movable bird perch
Price: $8.99
Parrot Playpen Stand
Price: $149.99
Small Parrot Playstand
Price: $99.99
Round Parrot Playstand Round Parrot Playstand
Price: $124.99
Sand Thermo-Perch sand thermo-perch, heated bird perch, warming bird perch
Price: $39.99
Sand Walk Orthopedic Perch Pollys Sand Walk Orthopedic Perch
Was: $14.99
Sale: $12.74
On Sale
Islandwood Single Branch Perch
Was: $14.99
Sale: $11.24
On Sale
Sandy Tabletop Adjustable Stand
Was: $34.99
Sale: $29.99
On Sale
Tree Stand with Base- Medium
Price: $179.99
Snuggle Hut
Price: $5.99
Swing n Perch
Price: $14.99
Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch
Price: $7.49
Tree Top Perch
Price: $11.99
Products 1-25 of 25