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Polly's Multi-Grip Flip Perch - 10176-12-GC
Polly's Multi-Grip Flip Perch - 10176-12-GC

Polly's Multi-Grip Flip Perch

  • Polly's Multi-Grip Flip Perch keeps bird's feet and legs healthy
  • Quickly changes positions for multiple grip opportunities
  • Easy to mount to cage; hardware included
  • Consumer rated #1
  • Made in USA
Polly's® Multi-Grip Flip Perch is consumer rated #1 for health, The unique oval shape of this perch and the ability to quickly change positions for multiple grip opportunities will offer comfort to your bird's feet and legs. Parakeets, Cockatiels and Conures will love the small while the large is perfect for Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws. Made in USA.
Color: Chartreuse
Measures: 8"L x 3"W x .075"H

Color: Cream
Measures: 12"L x 4"W x 1.25"H

Both are easily mounted to cage with included hardware.
To install the bird perch, unscrew the wing nut and remove one washer. Place the metal screw through the cage and place the washer over the metal screw outside the cage. Tighten the wing nut securely.
Note: The plastic wheel, 2 washers and perch will be inside the cage when installed correctly.
To flip the perch, loosen the wing nut less than one quarter and turn and rotate the plastic wheel to the desired position. Rotate often for maximum health benefits. TIP: use a ball point pen on the wheel spokes for easy rotation.
Small: Parakeets, Cockatiels and Conures.
Large: Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws.

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